Rooms & Rates (weekdays/tax not included) Price per person


Rooms Size/ Type For 2 persons For 3 persons For 4 persons
Yanagiran 8 tatami-mat room JPY 15,000 / person    
Watasuge 8 tatami-mat room JPY 16,000 / person    
Waremokou 7 tatami-mat room and 4.5 tatami-mat room JPY 18,500 / person JPY 17,500 / person JPY 16,500 / person
Noazami 6 tatami-mat room with beds JPY 20,000 / person JPY 19,000 / person JPY 18,000 / person
Awayuki 6 tatami-mat room with beds and open-air bath JPY 25,000 / person JPY 24,000 / person JPY 23,000 / person

*The rates include accommodation, dinner and breakfast

(consumption tax and bath tax not included)

*For guests who stay Friday, Saturday, or one day before the holidays.

+JPY 1,000~2,000/person

*For guests who stay during our peak times: Japanese Obon season,

New Year’s Eve and Days, Golden week. +extra charge

*For guests who stay in Japanese summer break (around July 20 to August 31),

and Japanese fall break (October to November 23rd). +JPY 1,000~2,000/person

*These are rates for dishes with” Native chicken plan.”

*If you would like to eat dishes with Tochigi Japanese beef, +JPY2,900/person

During our peak times (New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Days, etc,), +extra charge

*We are sorry to inform you of our policy that kids ages 6 &

under cannot stay at this inn.

Elementary school students, ages 7 & above, can get a JPY1,000

discount off the standard rate.

*If you plan to stay with a group of more than 6 people, please contact us.


We will prepare your FUTON before you check-in so that you can relax upon arrival.

YUKOMORI style keeps you warm even after taking a bath.

*All baths are free of charge and do not require a reservation.

*Check-in time 15:00/Check-out time: 10:00

( Before 15:00 can't use a room and inside Inn.The baggage is kept.)

*No smoking (There is a designated smoking area on the 2nd floor)